MRP in NYC!!!

Once in a lifetime, you're presented with opportunities you just can't pass up...in this case, it was two awesome couples! The first one was Brooke and John. I didn't have the opportunity to meet them prior to the shoot but it didn't matter...they are two of the nicest people you can come across...the second couple was Tracy and Ted...Tracy is the sister of a previous bride, Brett who has graced our website and studio with her great images...now, we'll have some of Tracy as well!

I was a little worried upon my arrival in NYC because of the weather, but everything cleared up the next day and the images and couples were so great to work with....I would definitely love to head back up there...too much to see in one weekend! Contrary to popular belief, New Yorkers are actually some pretty nice people! LOL....awesome pizza, thats for sure!!!

Hope you guys enjoy!!!

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