Studio Update!!!

Hey guys,

Okay....sorry I've been out of the limelight but so much has been going on around here. We haven't forgotten about all of our wonderful couples as far as posting their awesome images up here...just give us a little time here....

So here is whats going on...

WE'VE MOVED!!! After the break-in at the other studio, we just didn't feel the same being over there and unfortunately, the King William District just hasn't surfaced as speculated by many in the community which is unfortunate since there is so much potential. Our new address is 2615 Broadway. We've teamed up with the beautiful and talented Melissa White of Botanika who will be occupying the first floor while we occupy the second floor. Ryan Salinas of Reve Weddings will be sharing a small space there as well. We're excited since we now have the ability to be with a strong amount of talent under one roof. Veilvet will have a sweet amount of space there, as well, so if you're looking for hair and make-up, they are in the same building. The expansion of the Riverwalk will take place directly behind us so we're very excited about that as we overlook the beginnings of the construction project.

Along with moving comes those headaches....we've experienced quite a bit of problems with our phone system so please don't thing we're ignoring you...we've had AT&T out here trying to diagnose the problem so hopefully we should be finished out very soon.

We've begun adding a new service to our menu...we are now doing Boudoirs so we will have a special Valentine's opportunity coming up soon.

As always, we're going to start posting our gorgeous sessions from where we left off!!!! Stay tuned!!!!


Marcus et al.


Chelsea + Leo....the Big Day!

You might remember Chelsea and Leo from Big D! We posted their engagments awhile back....and just like the engagement session, we had a great time with them again. Their wedding was gorgeous with a great ambience throughout. As usual, I have to mention how much I love the chapel at Incarnate Word...just gorgeous!!!!

Here is some info from the wedding:

Hair/Makeup - Salon Redox on San Pedro
Music (ceremony) - Allegretto...(the best!)
Ceremony - University of the Incarnate Word Motherhouse
Reception - Skyroom at Incarnate Word

It was a great day and we definitely want to thank Chelsea and Leo from allowing us to be part of their day....

Here is the link: CHELSEA + LEO

Christmas Print Sale!!!

Hey everyone,

To create a "Black Friday" of our own, we're doing a limited time Christmas Print Sale. We're taking 25% off of orders (minimum order is $30) till December 4th. This cutoff date guarantees delivery by December 18 in time for Christmas gifts. Here are the details:

First, the order must be made online via our shopping cart. You can access this via the Clients link on our website. Next, you must use a credit card (MC and Visa). Any pre-existing orders (orders placed before November 30, 2007) are not eligible. In the promo code, please enter Christmas. The discount does not include shipping fees.

Again, the deadline is Dec 4, 2007!

Happy shopping!!!


MRP in NYC!!!

Once in a lifetime, you're presented with opportunities you just can't pass up...in this case, it was two awesome couples! The first one was Brooke and John. I didn't have the opportunity to meet them prior to the shoot but it didn't matter...they are two of the nicest people you can come across...the second couple was Tracy and Ted...Tracy is the sister of a previous bride, Brett who has graced our website and studio with her great images...now, we'll have some of Tracy as well!

I was a little worried upon my arrival in NYC because of the weather, but everything cleared up the next day and the images and couples were so great to work with....I would definitely love to head back up there...too much to see in one weekend! Contrary to popular belief, New Yorkers are actually some pretty nice people! LOL....awesome pizza, thats for sure!!!

Hope you guys enjoy!!!

Tracie + Ted....No sleep till Brooklyn!!!

So what is a trip to NYC without seeing Brooklyn along with the gorgeous Brooklyn Bridge? Nada....but this engagment session encompassed both elements! Tracie and Ted were awesome! After jumping off the subway I met up with them and we jumped in their car and headed over towards the Brooklyn Bridge in a cool, artsy area....from there, we shot away! You wouldn't believe the temperature by looking at the shots, but it was rather cold that afternoon! They were both great sports and were up for anything! One thing I learned on this shoot is that parallel parking and New Yorkers do NOT go hand-in-hand! LOL...

After being outside, we headed over to a cool bar which created an atmosphere extremely inviting to grabbing some very cool and casual shots!

Brooke + John in Central Park!!!

YES! THAT Central Park! There is nothing cooler than having an opportunity to go somewhere as cool as NYC...so I met up with John and Brooke at the hotel and took a cab over to Central Park to grab some great shots! There was a lot of sentimental value in the location where you see the fountain....this is where John and Brooke held a private civil ceremony with their most closest of friends and family. We all walked through Central Park grabbing shots here and there and what was really cool was seeing the vibrant colors with all of the foliage...something we don't see a lot of here in San Antonio....the weather had been wet the previous day but you wouldn't have been able to tell based on the great sun we had this particular morning....Brooke and John are heading back down in February to have their big wedding and we'll definitely be there to capture it! Can't wait to see you guys when you come back down! BTW, we had the craziest cab ride heading back to the hotel...see, there's flying, driving and whatever it was that this cabbie was doing! LOL....

Michelle's Bridal Session...an evening at the Mission...

So what makes a great bridal session? Perfect lighting, great locations and one awesome bride! Mission San Jose was the location for this bridal later on in the day. We met up with Michelle do do the shoot and oddly, she was a tad bit nervous. You might remember Michelle from a previous engagement session that we posted earlier this year on the Riverwalk. Either way, we grabbed some great shots after she loosened up and was ready to have fun! Michelle's big day is this upcoming weekend and we are definitely looking forward to it! Its going to be a blast!

Christie's Bridal Session....

This shoot definitely brought upon a challenge that as a photographer, you come across every once in awhile. The challenge? Location. Due to shortness in time due to the holidays, we met the bride at her clubhouse in her complex. At first, I was a little perplexed with the locale due to busyness, but we love facing challenges because it brings the best out of any photographer....so what made it a lot easier? A gorgeous bride with an outgoing personality. After playing inside, we took advantage of the gorgeous sunlight outside and got some great shots! Christie's wedding was the Friday after Thanksgiving so lets give her and Nelson a big congrats! Look for their photos from the big day soon!


Sarah....one gorgeous bride!

You might remember Sarah from our engagements down in Rockport earlier this year. We had the opportunity to catch up with her recently and do a fantastic bridal session with her. We met up at the Episcopalian Archdiocese here in San Antonio which was breathtaking. Great photo opportunities...!

Sarah's wedding is coming up and is our last one for 2007! What a great couple to end the year with! Enjoy!

Sabrina + Fabian...one heck've a couple!

So we met Sabrina and Fabian at a bridal fair last summer....from that moment, we knew we'd have our hands full with this groom...lol...very outgoing and fun to hang out with....let's just say Sabrina will have her hands full him...just kidding guys! We had an absolute blast working with these two and their personalities totally complemented each other! They're planning a September 08 wedding so lets wish them continued success in their planning! We're excited about working with them!

Marissa + Lloyd...an early Sunday morning in LaVillita!

I had the great opportunity to photograph Marissa and Lloyd in the historical LaVillita area. We had a blast shooting with them and feel that we got Lloyd to loosen up. They are planning a May wedding and we are looking forward to working with them...!!! Great job guys!